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  1. Both my brother and I had our road test today, which we passed on the 1st attempt.
    We barely had any experience, and within very few lessons, Armin taught us everything we needed to know to pass, plus more. Armin is an amazing and supportive teacher who I’m glad was the one who taught us. He gave us thorough instructions and helpful feedback that made learning a breeze.

  2. Just passed my driving test for the first time, all thanks to my absolutely amazing instructor,Armin .
    I highly recommend Armin because he is a considerate, patient, respectful instructor .

  3. I have just passed my test first time after couple sessions with Armin. Armin was always patient and polite, very friendly and personable, and also an excellent and encouraging instructor who prepared me thoroughly for my test. I would highly recommend Armin Driving School.

  4. Armin has been calm and wonderful instructor, He has been very attentive to the bad habits and mistakes that I picked up along the way I couldn’t recommend him more. Great value for money and also a great guy to have a conversation with! Thank you so much Armin!

  5. My close friend and I ,both had road test exam today. Great experience! Armin is excellent and both of us passed our driving test on our first attempt. Definitely recommend this school. Thank you Armin!

  6. Both my husband and I took driving lessons with Mr Karimi. He is an amazing instructor: incredibly nice and patient, always on time, highly knowledgeable, with a great passion for correcting mistakes or bad driving habits. We were both able to pass our road tests on our first attempts! Highly recommended!

  7. When I started driving I was nervous to be on the road and Armin really helped me transition into a confident and happy driver!
    His guidance and advice was so helpful.
    I couldn’t have asked for a better training instructor. I’d recommend Armin 💯%

  8. Armin is an amazing instructor, incredibly patient and understanding, definitely helped me push through to getting my driving license. Thank you Armin

  9. Great driving school! Armin is very patient! . After couple of classes with Armin driving school I felt ready to get my license and I got it.

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