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  1. I had a wonderful experience with Armin Driving School and highly recommend it.

    Armin gave me really good tips that helped me pass my test.

    At the end, examiner told Armin that this exam was the best class 5 road test I had , which made me so happy.

  2. I would like to say a big thank you to Armin as he is a fantastic driving instructor which his friendly and calm lessons helped me pass my test today. Both my children passed with him a few weeks ago.
    Thank you Armin

  3. I passed my class 5 road test today on first try. Did the same for class 7 couple of years ago. Armin is a brilliant driving instructor. He is patient and extremely knowledgeable and professional.

  4. I passed my road test today on 1st attempt.
    Armin is patience and keen expertise. Adapted to my style and skill level and made me feel comfortable with his on-the-spot advice.
    Money well invested.

  5. Armin is an awesome instructor, he really knows what you need to learn most and is very pateint.

    I passed on first attempt and absolutely I recommend him

  6. Passed my road test today on 1st try.Highly recommend Armin – he’s really professional, punctual and patient. The preparation was very thorough and I feel confident driving in the future. Thank you for everything! .

  7. Armin is a fantastic instructor. Teaches you to drive safely and not just to pass the test. Calm and fun to drive with. Good value for money. Highly recommend.

  8. Armin is an amazing instructor and knows all there is to know about learning to drive, would recommend to others

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