During your road test :

  • Your examiner will not try to trick you during the test. You will not be asked to do anything illegal. 
  • You will get lots of warning for turns unless it is already marked. If you miss a street, continue to drive safely and lawfully. If necessary, the examiner will give you new directions.
  • Aside from giving directions, the driver examiner will likely remain silent. If you do not like silence, you may wish to have your stereo on.
  • The test begins when examiner conduct the safety check of your vehicle.
  • You are responsible for adjusting the defroster, fan, and/or wipers to ensure a clear 360° degree view throughout your test.
  • Almost all hazards are foreseeable; therefore, always look well ahead and around to gather as much information as possible to avoid conflicts.
  • Timing gaps in traffic (e.g., turning, lane changes, etc.) is expected to be done safely and smoothly. Many drivers are penalized for being indecisive and/or overly aggressive.
  • Observe and obey all posted signs (e.g., school, playground, restricted turns, lanes, etc.) and all painted lane markings (e.g., stop lines, solid white lines, bicycles lanes, turn lanes, painted islands, etc.)
  • Keep to the posted speed limit.
  • In addition to speeding violations, many drivers are penalized for going too slow in low-risk situations.
  • When merging on a highway, use the acceleration lane to meet the speed of the highway traffic-but don’t go over the speed limit.
  • When turning right, shoulder check on your right to see if there are any cyclists, pedestrians, and/or other road users.
  • When parking, you can use backup cameras and sensors, but you are still responsible for making your own
    observations. You are also allowed to adjust your parking maneuvers. Touching the curb is not a fail.
  • Not sure what you are being asked to do or where you are going? Just ask.
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