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  1. My daughter ( class 7 ) and I( class 5) , both passed our road tests today! She passed with no mistake.
    Thank you Armin.

  2. Armin is amazing. So calm and made me feel so at ease. Just passed my road test today on first attempt!
    Thanks Armin

  3. Armin was an excellent teacher. He always kept the standards high and helped me improve upon every aspect of my driving, resulting in me passing my road test on the first go!

    Thank you so much Armin


  4. For the past little while I have been practicing with Armin, and I feel like I have improved a large amount through out that time. Armin is a really friendly person and made driving a lot less stressful for me. Thanks to Armin I managed to pass my N Test on my first try. I think that Armin is a great instructor and that if you need help you should definitely look into booking lessons with him.

  5. Armin wants for his students to pass as much they want to themselves. I passed my road test today on 1st attempt. He taught me a ton of very useful tips that will help me in the long run. I definitely recommend Armin’s Driving School to all who need a good and committed driving instructor.

  6. I passed my road test today on 1st attempt.Armin is heads above the rest, with top-notch instructions . I would highly recommend to young and old alike and think this was unquestionably worth every penny!

  7. Armin, was such a great supportive instructor. He was so patient and was super good at keeping me calm to easily pass my road test

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