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  1. Armin was so good in helping me to build my confidence in a safe and encouraging environment . Thank you Armin for everything you’ve done for me.

  2. Armin is a fantastic instructor. Patient, calm and very clear with instructions. I would recommend him to anybody learning to drive. Thanks Armin!!!

  3. After many years driving experience in many countries, I found it very challenging to drive in BC. I had a few sessions with Armin and he thought me how to drive in Canada. I passed the test in first try. He had a warm up session at 7am right after the test and that really helped me to reduce the stress. Passing the test in first try was great but more importantly I learn how to drive professionally in Canada. Thanks Armin.

  4. Great exprience. I passed my road test on first attempt. Big thanks to Armin for helping me. Absoultely recommended.

  5. Armin was an amazing instructor and explained things very well. He always had a positive attitude and you can tell he loves his job. Always helpful while driving. My husband and I, both passed on first try
    Thanks Amin!

  6. Armin is such an amazing instructor he always explains everything clearly and is calm. He gave me the skills to pass my test first go. I highly recommend Armin as an driving instructor

  7. Armin is an amazing driving instructor. He is motivating, makes me feel confident and has a lot of knowledge and skills about his profession.
    I successfully passed my exam today without any mistake

  8. A very professional and calm instructor. He gives you self confidence, which helps improve driving skills. I passed my road test today without any mistake
    I would highly recommend him! Thank you Armin

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