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  1. I highly recommend Armin as your driving instructor! His disciplined approach and keen attention to details ensure a thorough learning experience. Armin’s politeness and encouraging demeanor create a comfortable environment for learning. His expertise and patience make him an exceptional instructor who goes the extra mile to ensure your success on the road.
    I wish him health and happiness in his life.

  2. I appreciate dear Armin’s effort so much.
    I passed the test for the first time with no mistakes.
    You are awesome man.
    Your efforts are invaluable.
    You are the best dear Armin

  3. This morning I had finally passed my driving practical test with thanks to the brilliant Armin. His expert guidance and professionalism throughout had given me the confidence to face my driving demons and improve on many of the problems that caused to me to fail my tests in the past with other driving instructors.
    My confidence in driving just grew every hour as I became more confident and comfortable. If there was a mistake, I was assured there was nothing to worry about and shouldn’t feel pressured and should just take my time.
    I encourage anyone looking to get on the road confidently to trust in Armin and his processes for the best possible results.

    Good luck out there!

  4. Armin is a very patient and professional instructor with amazing detail skills that he equipped students with while teaching you how to drive. He is friendly and has a loveable personality.

  5. Strongly recommended , He is a Punctual , patient, well-experienced and skillful instructor and offers reasonable prices which helps you to get licensed in a shorter period of time by spending less money.

  6. Armin! He is the best driver school I ever seen in my life. He is very professional very knowledgeable, my dad my mom and me we all got our driver lessons at the first try. Nothing pushed us away even the far distance we had we all was coming from Surrey to Holdom station to get lesson from him. We all happy, and leaving with happy experiences.☺️

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