Wondering how to get through a roundabout? Here are some tips: 

🔄Yield to pedestrians, cyclists & traffic already in the roundabout

👀Slow down and watch for signs 

➡️ Signal a right turn before exiting

Vancouver Island constable sets record straight on how to use a roundabout

Campbell River highway feature has drawn controversy since being introduced in early 2021 –  Oct. 16, 2021 4:00 p.m.

Campbell River RCMP Const. Tyre saw fit to give local drivers a heads up on how to use a traffic circle this week.

The two minute video – posted below – was viewed more than 6,000 times.

He said the biggest problem RCMP are seeing is people approaching the roundabout at Highway 19A and Rockland Road at high speeds.

“They are approaching at about 60-or-70 kilometers per hour,” he said, “Which is already speeding on that section of highway.

“You should be coming up to the traffic circle doing about 30 (km/hr).”

Tyre goes on to tell drivers to yield to other vehicles in the traffic circle, not run over pedestrians using the crosswalk, or cyclists on the road.

He also explained drivers do not need to signal when entering the roundabout, but noted a signal is necessary for leaving it.

“This lets vehicles trying to get into the traffic circle know that you are about to leave, and that there will be space coming,” he said.

Traffic Circle Demonstration

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